ACA courses / skills assessments.

As ACA instructors we are certified to teach any and all of the content that is included in the sample skills course outlines and skills assessment courses for their own level of certification, and all the levels below. For example, a Level 4: River Kayaking instructor can teach the Level 4: River Kayaking skills courses, the Level 4: River Kayaking skills assessment, and the corresponding courses for Levels 3,2 and 1. The same holds true for a Level 3 Coastal Instructor who can teach Level 3: Coastal Kayaking skills course and assessments. Additionally L3 Coastal can teach the corresponding course for Levels 3,2 and 1.

Below is a breakdown of what we offer for both River whitewater and Coastal sea kayaking in terms of courses and assessments.

Coastal Kayaking (L3)
River Kayaking (L4)

Let us know if you have any questions with any of the above courses and / or endorsements. Send us an email below or call 843.276.9805.


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