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My experiences in the field coupled with a fantastic curriculum differentiates my program from others. I get the message across in a fun, energetic and challenging way. You will find this approach in any of the medical courses that we offer. Let’s face it medical training is not cheap, its an investment in yourself and the crew that you paddle with, hike with, camp with or bike with. Regardless of the sport that you are engaged often the common factor is delayed definitive care (i.e. Wilderness First Aid) in any emergency medical situation. You are remote. The feedback the I consistently get from those completing our courses is that hands down our scenarios are the best. Realistic scenarios prepare for what you might face in a remote setting. You can invest your money with groups that rely on campfire conjuncture and "what ifs” as practical application. The better alternative is to commit to really proving yourself and working with a team of students equally vested in the same outcome; success. Got your interest?


Our common sense programs offer the perfect blend of classroom learning, hands on practice and field application. These are taught by instructors like myself that have passion and your best interest at heart. If you are the type of learner that likes "to do" then our courses are a perfect fit. All of our Wilderness First Aid products have a two year certification and all students who successfully complete complete our courses have access to a student portal for continuing education. WFA is a total of 16 instructional hours with CPR being a prerequisite. Age restriction is 14 years old.

CPR and Basic First Aid for the Community are two courses that provide the non-medical professional with hands on approach to managing CPR / Basic First Aid. Offered together or separate these course are designed to take the apprehension out of helping someone experiencing a medical emergency and doing so in a manner that is easy to remember and fun to learn. All course materials are provided as well as certification that is valid for two years. All course graduates also receive access to a student portal for continuing education. Each course is 3 hours, combined 6.

Our Healthcare Professional offerings are priced competitively and off you and your staff the flexibility of our team coming to your facility. We supply everything for you and handle all of the paperwork. Our training focuses on the importance of a team based approach to patient management. We consistently receive reviews that our classes were not only fun and engaging but folks walk away learning something new. We special in working with Dentists, Doctors / PA's as well as personal trainers. Typical re-certification time is 3 hours. Certification is valid for two years and all student receive access to a student portal for continuing education. 

Below is a current listing of what our ASHI (American Safety and Health Institute) Certified Training Center (CTC) offers. We offer price discounts for PAC (Paddle America Clubs) as well as individual ACA members. Let us know which program(s) you are interested in for yourself or your group. We also specialize in working with personal trainers.

Our new Industry Responder offerings center on EMR (Emergency Medical Responder and Advanced First Aid training. Both of these concentrate on industries that need onsite advanced medical care while waiting for definitive care.

FD Medical Training Current Offerings 2019:

  • Healthcare Professional

    • Basic Life Support for Healthcare Professionals (3 hours)

    • Blood borne pathogens (1 hour)

  • Industry Responder (new for 2019*)

    • EMR (Emergency Medical Responder) 48 hours

    • AFA (Advanced First Aid) 20 hours

  • Specialty

    • Animal First Aid (2 hours)

    • CPR / First Aid Instructor Training

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Have you every found yourself in a Wilderness emergency medical situation where you did not know what to do or where to begin? You certainly not alone here. Think about the environments that we work in and the types of injuries that can and do happen. Lots of folks are inclined to think that traumatic injuries represent the lions share of paddle sports / outdoor injuries. Yes they certainly make up a good part but there are also medical situations that can precipitate a traumatic injury, which means that often the story is not black and white. I worked as an EMT here in Charleston SC for 11 years. I have been teaching emergency medical courses for 12 years.

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