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Thanks for stopping by. Below is a listing of all the courses that we are currently offering for 2019. We will be adding new items to list, so please bookmark this page if you are interested in top flight instruction without the hard sell. Our complete course schedule is available from the Schedule of Events . Remember that most of these courses are on a monthly rotation. In addition we offer custom clinics those seeking private instruction. Something that you don't see or would like for us to consider? Just let us know and we will make it happen!

With FDO you can have world class instruction your way. The fabulous 4-pack gets you (8) hours of training divided into four two hour blocks. Classes are designed around your needs, created around your schedule and limited in size in order to maximize student to instructor ratio. At $450 this in an incredible bargain. Click the link and get registered! Pretty novel concept right?

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Introduction to Sea Kayaking:

This course is a great sampler for sure!  We get you kitted up if you don’t have gear and get on the water fast. Doing is the best classroom for sure. We cover the basics; getting in and out, gear overview, outfitting and boat control. This is all accomplished with the confines of some very lively venues. We are confident that this course will leave you wanting more. For more information about offerings please refer to our ACA Courses / Skills Assessments page. Class length: 2 hours.

Strokes and Concepts:

Tailored for the intermediate paddler that is looking for the mechanics of refinement. Focus on the relationship of body and boat is the foundation of this course. Forward, reverse, lateral movement techniques are covered as well as linking them all together with compound strokes. If you are looking to improve efficiency, reduce fatigue and look like a badass doing it, this course is ideal! For more information about our offerings please refer to our ACA Courses / Skills Assessments page. Class length: 2 hours.

Common Sense Rescue:

Rescue is something that we intrinsically touch upon in each of our courses for sure. However this course is 100% devoted to nothing but rescues. Whether your are a beginner looking to build comfort with being out of your boat or a seasoned paddler looking to bone up some old skills this course is amazing and essential for anyone spending time on the water. The beauty is in the practical application of key concepts. From “cowboying” to roll - re-entry we have you covered. Be ready to practice how to tow! For more information about our offerings please refer to our ACA Courses / Skills Assessments page. Class Length 3 hours.

Common Sense Communication:

This course centers the use of signaling devices (pyrotechnics, lights and mirrors), VHF radio communication and hand signals. What better way to compliment your Common Sense Rescue clinic?  Having used radio communication is true emergency situations my opinion is that you owe it to yourself to know the proper use of your equipment or get educated if you are planning to invest in a portable marine radio. Whether you paddle by yourself or with your favorite group, this course offers something or everyone. Class Length 2 hours.

Common Sense Navigation:

Want to get from Point A to Point B?...........and C, D, E and F? Our Common Sense Navigation course takes the guess work out of chart reading, route planning and working with weather / tide and current products. We also cover the use of GPS.  As part of the requirements for the course participants will work together to plan a trip out in Charleston harbour, which we will paddle as a group. There will be twists and turns along the way for sure! Class length: 3 hours.


Need a roll? Have a roll sort of?  We can get you to your goal of building the foundation of a solid and reliable roll relatively quickly. Rolling by far is the best self rescue and being able to roll opens up a ton of new venues and kayaking possibilities for you. Bracing is covered and is a logical progressive step to getting you first solid roll. We specialize in working with folks that have had “bad experiences” both in the field and with prior instruction an those with mobility issues. For more information about our offerings please refer to our ACA Courses / Skills Assessments page. Class Length: 8 hours spread over (4) days.

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