Whitewater kayaking is an amazing syncopation between boat, body, mind and river. You can feel the power and the energy of the river just by dipping your hands in it. You can look out over a run and see your line through to your next destination all the while running Plan B’s through your mind. There is nothing like the whitewater experience and its something that I want to share with as many folks that I can. 


So you might be saying to yourself, your company is based in Charleston, where is the whitewater? Good question and we are fortunate enough to have an amazing laboratory in Columbia SC; The Saluda River. This stretch of river on Candy Lane by the Riverbanks Zoo has produced some of the most high quality boaters I have had the pleasure of paddling with over the years. It offers everything that we need in a stepped way. 


Our courses are offered up to Class 3 rivers and creeks. Whether you are just starting out, have experience or looking try out how your Sea kayaking skills translate to whitewater, we can help. Our ACA whitewater courses are flexible enough to meet your needs and offer a great progression to getting you on more challenging rivers.


A complete listing of all of the whitewater courses the we instruct are listed on our ACA Courses / Skills Assessments page. We also host fall and winter roll clinics here in the Charleston area to keep those skills fresh for spring and summer!

Tell Us below what we can do to help you or give us a call at 843.276.9805. Everything from river running to play boating is available to you. As usual, gear is not a problem and we have you covered!

With FDO your can have world class instruction your way. The fabulous 4-pack gets you (8) hours of training divided into four two hour blocks. Classes are designed around your needs, created around your schedule and limited in size in order to maximize student to instructor ratio. At $450 this in an incredible bargain. Click the link and get registered! Pretty novel concept right?

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